The 8th Annual Conference of the

Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA)


School of Economics, Shandong University

11 and 12 July 2012 (Wednesday and Thursday)


11 July, 2012 (Wednesday)







Opening Address

Liming Fan, Vice-President, Shandong University

Jinyan Hu, Dean, School of Economics, Shandong University

Chenggang Xu, President of AsLEA



KEYNOTE SPEECH (Chair: Jeong-Yoo Kim)

Law and Economics Inside the Brain: An Evolutionary Explanation for Emotional Depression

Donald Wittman, University of California, Santa Cruz



INVITED SPEECH (Chair: Jeong-Yoo Kim)

China's Political Economic Institution and Constitutionalism

Chenggang Xu, University of Hong Kong and SNU-WCU



Tea Break



Parallel Session: Empirical Analysis of Law and Economics (Chair: Qiang Chen)



Poverty, Inequality, Political Instability and Property Crimes in Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis

Shabib Haider Syed, Forman Christian College  [PDF Down]



Climate Shocks, Dynastic Cycles and Nomadic Conquests: Evidence from Historical China

Qiang Chen, Shandong University



Parallel Session: Incentives (Chair: Zhiyong Liu)



An attorney fee as a signal in the pretrial negotiation

Jeong-Yoo Kim, Kyung Hee University   [PDF Down]



Accuracy in Damages Assessment and Information Acquisition: A Note

Zhiyong Liu, Indiana State University



Parallel Session: Criminal Law and Justice

(Chair: Ronen Perry)



The Eighth Amendment to Article 164: Window Dressing or New Era of Anti-Bribery Enforcement

Qingxiu Bu, Queen's University   [PDF Down]



Biases in Perception of Judgments

Ronen Perry, University of Haifa   [PDF Down]





Buffet Lunch at the University Hotel




Parallel Session:  Competition Law and Policy

(Chair: Qiang Gong)



Food safety minimum quality standards under product differentiation

Qiang Gong, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics   [PDF Down]



The Antitrust Restraint on U.S. Accountable Care Organizations and Its Revelation to The Supply-side Reformation of Chinese Medical System   [PDF Down]

Honghai Xu, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics



Conflicts and Trade-offs of Antitrust Policy Goal: Lessons for China   [PDF Down]

Jingyuan Ma, Erasmus University Rotterdam



Parallel Session: Corporate Law (Chair: Uwe Walz)



How Does Jurisdictional Competition Affect Minimum Capital Requirements?  [PDF Down]

Chang-Hsien Tsai, National Tsing Hua University



Local Courts as Legislators: Judicial Law-Making on Corporate Law Matters in China   [PDF Down]

Chao Xi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



The Law and Economics of Venture Capital Contracts: An Empirical Analysis   [PDF Down]

Uwe Walz, Goethe University Frankfurt



Parallel Session: Empirical Analysis of Law and Economics (Chair: Farid Islam)



Political uncertainty in a data-rich environment   [PDF Down]

Eric Scheffel, University of Nottingham



Skilled Immigration, Innovation and Wages of Native-born American   [PDF Down]

Farid Islam, Utah Valley University



Money, fiscal policy and the business cycle: How well does the IS-LM model fit post-reform Chinese data?   [PDF Down]

Jilei Huang, Shandong University



Parallel Session: International Economic Law

(Chair: Christoph Kimmerle)



After Lisbon - revival of the national parliaments by reasoned opinions?

Christoph Kimmerle, University of Hamburg   [PDF Down]



The Rule Of Force Of Attraction: Propriety In International Tax Jurisprudence   [PDF Down]

Sriram Govind, Symbiosis Law School



Tea Break



Parallel Session: Contract Law (Chair: Jiwei Qian)



Economic Analysis of Breach Remedies under Indian Contract Law   [PDF Down]

Indervir Singh, Centre for Development Studies



Opting out for contract liability: a proposal for medical malpractice system in China   [PDF Down]

Jiwei Qian, National University of Singapore



A Smart Use of Punitive Damages as a Stick for Regulation Violators   [PDF Down]

Weiqiang Hu, University of Hamburg



Parallel Session: Law and Finance (Chair: Frederick Tung)



Strategic obfuscation and consumer protection policy in financial markets: Theory and experimental evidence   [PDF Down]

Yiquan Gu, University of Liverpool



Law and Project Finance   [PDF Down]

Frederick Tung, Boston University



Parallel Session: Incentives (Chair: Jan Srensen)



The individual choice of doing crime   [PDF Down]

Jan Srensen, University of Southern Denmark



Can the decoupling punitive damages deter injurer and aid victims?    [PDF Down]

Yasuhiro Ikeda, Kumamoto University



Marginal Subsidies in Tullock Contests  [PDF Down]

Zhewei Wang, Shandong University



Parallel Session: International Economic Law

(Chair: Takuma Takahashi)



Accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement: Challenges for Vietnam   [PDF Down]

Sangeeta Khorana, Aberystwyth University



Globalization of Biotech-based Drug Markets and its Implication for the IP System   [PDF Down]

Takuma Takahashi, Meijigakuin University






Buffet Dinner at the University Hotel





12 July,2012 (Thursday)



Invited Session (Chair: Zhiyong Liu)



Admissible Third Party Litigation Funding Contracts as a way to Constrain the Exploitation of Plaintiffs

Ronen Avraham, The University of Texas at Austin



Officials Off-site Exchange and Growth Mode Transformation in China: 1990-2010

Jian Wei, Shandong University



Tea Break



Parallel Session: Competition Law and Policy

(Chair: Se Hoon Bang)



Enforcement of China's Anti-Monopoly Law

Jianping Yin, Yingke Law Firm



Minimum Resale Price Maintenance as a Device for Product Differentiation   [PDF Down]

Se Hoon Bang, Korea Development Institute



Parallel Session: Corporate Law (Chair: Jiang Kun)



How Institutions Affect the Contributions of Venture Capital Investment to the Growth of Entrepreneurial Firms: Evidence from China

Jiang Kun, The University of Hong Kong



Regulating Forward-looking Information Disclosure in Chinese Securities: Market Past, Present and Future   [PDF Down]

Yu Zheng, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Shanghai Office



Parallel Session: Empirical Analysis of Law and Economics

(Chair: Jiye Hu)



Income-Related Inequalities of Health and Health Care Utilization

Er Xie, Shandong University   [PDF Down]



An Empirical Approach of Regulation on Chinas Pension Investment   [PDF Down]

Jiye Hu, China University of Political Science and Law



Parallel Session: Public Policy and Welfare

(Chair: Xiaoning Ni)



Analysis on Government Regulation of Wetland Development

Xiaoning Ni, Beijing International Studies University



The Driving Force of Tax for Land Operational Right Trade

Yaning Li, Xiamen University   [PDF Down]






Buffet Lunch at the University Hotel



Keynote Speech (Chair: Ping Lin)

Competition Policy for Industry Standards

Richard Gilbert, University of California, Berkeley



Tea Break



Invited Session (Chair: Chenggang Xu)



The First Four Years of China's Ant-Monopoly Law: The (Limited) Role of Economics

Ping Lin, Lingnan University



The Polluter Pays vs. the Cheapest Cost Avoider Principle: On the Efficient Treatment of External Costs

Dieter Schmidtchen, Universität des Saarlandes



The impact of incentive structure on performance of China's health systems reform

Qingyue Meng, Beijing University






Buffet Dinner at the University Hotel




Science Research Complex (Zhi Xin Building),

Central Campus,

Shandong University,

27 ShanDa NanLu Road, Jinan, 250100.