COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Public Health Measures

(2022.10.04. updated)

  • Currently, there are no requirements for vaccination proof or quarantine for visitors from foreign countries, if you are negative on COVID-19 when arriving in Korea. The pre-entry COVID-19 test requirement (PCR or RAT) was removed beginning September 3rd, 2022. Also, after-entry COVID -19 test requirement (PCR or RAT) was eliminated beginning October 1st, 2022(recently updated)
  • In order to expedite processing in the immigration area at the airport, it is recommended that you register your public health information through Korean public health authority’s “Q-CODE” website, before entering Korea. Please visit the following website for Q-CODE registration:

  • Please note that COVID-19-related public health measures are amended and updated frequently. So, please visit the following website close to your departure day, and confirm the requisite requirements: