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2016 Annual Meeting of Asian Law and Economics Association

Announcement The 12th Annual AsLEA Conference will be held on June 24 and 25, in Seoul, Korea, at Seoul National University School of Law. Korean Law and Economics Association will host this conference. Submission should be sent to the following address: aslea2016@gmail.com. The submission deadline for abstracts and/or draft paper is February 15, 2016. For call for papers, click here.

Stefan Voigt (University of Hamburg)
Omri Ben-Shahar (University of Chicago)
Yeon-Koo Che (Columbia University)

Paper presenters have been selected and notified individually. If you would like to join the Conference without presenting your paper, please send please send an e-mail at the following address: aslea2016@gmail.com.

For more detailed information on the Conference program and to read papers to be presented, click here.
For the Conference brochure, including maps and other logistic information, click here.

Individually notified

Special Sponsor: Supreme Court of Korea
Sponsors: Korea Judicial Policy Research Institute; National Research Foundation of Korea
Corporate Sponsors: Microsoft; Google
Secretariat: Seoul National University Center for Law and Economics

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